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Fergus is located 25 km northwest of Guelph and 8 km northeast of Elora, of Elora Gorge fame. The town is split in half by the Grand River, which flows south to Lake Erie but which gives the town nice scenic views enhanced by the historical stone buildings which characterize the town's downtown. Fergus has a population of over 10,000 people, but despite its small size is famous for its stone buildings and the annual Scottish Festival and Highland Games, a huge cultural and sporting event which draws visitors from all over North America and reminds us of the town's strong Scottish background, and the Fergus Truck Show, reputed to be the largest of its type in North America.

Fergus also houses the regional hospital, Groves Memorial Community Hospital, and five elementary schools and one high school. The town is located right on Highway 6, which runs north from the Highway 401 through Guelph, Mount Forest, and ends in Owen Sound.

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